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Proximity Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs proximity sensors uphold uncompromising standards for reliability and state of the art technology. Their sensors are specially manufactured to provide high switching frequency, solid state dependability and water tight integrity. Click to read
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New ABB ACS880
Drive Modules Offer Unlimited Possibilities

Your own cabinet design and assembly is simplified by the capability, simplicity and ease of use provided by ABB’s all-compatible ACS880 drive modules. They consist of two types – single drive and multi-drive modules.  Both contain a rectifier, DC link and an inverter. Benefits include: Intuitive control panel and PC tool; direct torque control (DTC) for precise open and closed loop control; built-in safety features for simplified configuration; communication with all major automation networks; removable memory unit for easy drive commissioning and replacement; and energy optimizer and energy efficiency information for monitoring and saving energy.  Click to view the ACS880 catalogs – Single Drives and Multidrives.

Electric Heating Elements for
Every Application

Cartridge, strip, band, ceramic, tubular, cast, foil, silicon rubber, kapton, polyester, mica, air process, immersion, circulation, screw plug, explosion proof, submersible, fuel gas, special heater assemblies, thermocouples, RTD’s and hot oil systems. Check out our manufacturers.

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